Tuesday, 23 December 2008


gi consult tadi dgn mr najib..
dia siap bg motivation..
and aku ske dgn satu ayat dia nieh..

"when you happy, you can do your work happily and the result become more better and make yourself satisfied on your work and you will want to do it more and more and more..."

"when you happy but you didnt do your work, the result could be bad or more worst than what you expected..."

ske dgn ayat ni..
so, dalam kita happy, kene rajin gak buat keje... then nnti kita akn happy sentiasa..
jgn sbb happy, xnak buat keje. termenung aje..
nnti result terok!
bek x yah happy kan!

p/s ibu jari sakit! ciss!

ikhwan =)

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