Thursday, 5 February 2009

.tag by mama ally.

oh, mama ally tag me! Juz get the question from here. You will know why all the question were in this post =)

1. How do your and aisyah adam's talents add up?
Wooo! sure gempaks kot! hahaha =) *ye ke?*

2. Who would win in a duel, kamil or remy? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?
kamil la kot... erm, maybe gusti tangan kot.. hahah!!

3. Do you do anything special with eila?
yup! a lot! haha..

4. What song could be mawi's theme song?
erm, ade dlu, anuar zain "lelaki ini" hahah!!

5. Does king make you hot?

6. What if you found out that acap was secretly an alien plotting to take over the world together with alia?
pelik! tu je.. hahaahaha.. mcm x kene je..

7. Does alan have any pets?
yup! hamster! ade je kat rumah neh...

8. Will remy eat those green eggs and ham?
haha.. entah..

9. Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, alia or king?
king! hahaha :p

10. What would you do if syira confessed love to you?
hahahah! lawak2..!!!!!

---------------------------rasa mcm best lak, ak buat lagi--------------------------

1. Who is aisyah adam's best friend?
syira, alia and mazz :)

2. Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, kamil or alan?
KAMIL! hahaha

3. Describe mawi in one word.

4. Oh no, alan got kidnapped by aliens! What do you say once they get back?

5. Do you miss alia?
huh? memang x ah.. hahha

6. Is eila your best friend?
absolutely! ngee~

7. If acap were to be mistaken for a celebrity, who would it be?
zooey deschanel

8. What is one thing remy isn't exactly made for?
sing kot! hahah

9. What would you do if syira and eila were going out?
haha, ok je kot.. berkenalan coz syira and eila x pernah kenal pun satu sama lain

10. If king and alan were locked in the same (really small) room for longer than a day, what would most likely happen?
king mati dlu sbb alan da amik space bnyk!

-----------------lagi and lagi.. hhaahhahahahah---------------------------------------

1. What's eila's opinion on cheese?

2. Would you marry aisyah adam?
oh tidak! hahaha.. nnti marah yang sorang tuh! hahaha

3. Will king eat those green eggs and ham?

4. Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, alan or king?
king again! hahah

5. Have you ever been in mawi's house?

6. How do your and acap's talents add up?
erm... sorang mi, sorng fa, ape nak jadi eh.. haha

7. Do you do anything special with kamil?
owh, help others! haha =)

8. Have you ever had lunch together with remy?
selalu la kot.. dia housemate :)

2 soklan tetiba hilang... tertekan refresh.. damn!

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