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.PPMSI issue.

Why not give everyone a language choice - Bahasa Malaysia or English. Don`t bent on depriving others who wish to seek knowledge.

On The English dilemma

Kaisim: Malaysia is well-known for its flip-flop policy in dealing with important issues. Every time a new education minister is appointed, a new education appears because he wants to make a mark in the book of records.

In 'Bolehland' anything is possible at the beginning but soon died off when there is not much fund left to back up the programme. Imagine the millions of ringgit the ministry has spent on the progamme all these years.

The ones who made the most money would be those who have dealings in computers and softwares. Next, comes the textbooks and other materials. The special subject teachers would have made a lot of money on tuition too.

But the ones who cried the loudest would be the parents because they will have to spend more money on the children to get them ready for the change. The worst scenario is that the ministry is gambling on the future of the children with its flip-flop policy.

We are moving in a vicious circle of trial and error while our neighbours are moving forward by leaps and bounds in this field. They are producing top-notch world class citizens while we are still struggling to know English. In fact, our politicians have destroyed the golden era of education in the 60s.

I cannot understand the logic behind the rural and urban schools put forward by the minister. In trying to be popular with his supporters, he ended pleasing no one! If there are people who well-bent on creating problems, there is no easy way out. The government then has to be firm on what is good for the people and reject the unpopular.

Why not give everyone a language choice - Bahasa Malaysia or English. With a choice available, it would be easy for everyone. Don`t be selfish and bent on depriving others who wish to seek knowledge.

Doraisamy Karuppiah:
I am impressed by Mr Sim's article titled 'The English Dilemma'. Learning math and science in English has nothing to do with 'communication' English. It's about 'technical' English which students should master before they step into any higher institution.

For example, a student who want to further his/her education in the field of medicine or pharmaceutical, they need a strong English background. Otherwise, they are unable to read any of the technical books.

Most of the books for biology, physics, chemistry, fluid mechanics, hydraulic and any technical books are all in English. That's why the former PM has switched only maths and science to English.

Globalized Malaysian: Regarding the teaching of science and maths in English issue, I have a few suggestions:

1) Let each school PIBG (Persatuan Ibu-Bapa Guru) vote and decide which language they want to choose.

2) The government to provide some schools with BM as the medium and some schools with English as medium. Give parents the choice of sending to which school they prefer.

3) Allow more private schools to be built that are affordable and use English as a medium for teaching science and maths.

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p/s Aku x tau nak ckp macm mane tp ni la slalu berlaku if menteri pelajaran bertuka-tuka. Mesti ade je perubahan. Bkn takat pelajaran je, you can see at RTM. Now menteri baru.. surely nnti tuka la tagline ke, nama channel and macm2. We Malaysians, objek utk diujikaji, kalau fail, ubah lg polisi sampai x tau bila la nak berjaya. Haish~

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