Monday, 18 January 2010


few hours with my sis, i really feel sad and sympathy to her since her relationship with Allahyarham is about 6years. (oh my sis fly from jb to kl then this morning she fly to kch since the earliest flight to kuching from jb is afternoon and it is really late for her to be there with all the families). I dun know how long she would take to forget all her memories with her late bf.

6years of relationship and she already have a big plans with her bf which both of them plan to engage but now all gone. She said before her bf accident, she already call her bf and she didnt even know that call was the last call she will get from her bf.

Mimi, sabar keh.. tabah menghadapi dugaan yang Allah s.w.t berikan pada awak. Memang agak sukar untuk lupakan dia. Kuatkan semangat and jangan terlalu bersedih. We all here always with you and love you. Be tough okeh, im here if you need someone to talk.

love you sis..


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