Monday, 24 May 2010

.a week [at] pocketpixel.

Oh! It has been a week since I started my internship at pocketpixel! It was fun for the first week, and last tuesday and wednesday, I went back home a bit late since I got work to do.. All the officemates, the boss were nice, the office so comfortable.. hahaha~ here is the pictures taken last friday.

buat keje =)

khusyuk2.. *nyooo hahah~*

my pc =)

the office

designer' team.. lennie dgn aidil xde plak masa meeting neh.. hehehe

oh, i'll be off to my hometown for a week so i'll be on holiday (tiket da beli awal2 so kene balik walaupun intern da start). Ecah, sila buli puas2 si add. hahhaah~ add, slamat menambah stress hahaha~ okeh! see you guys around at AOGC! 

0110 HRS
ikhwan =)


mein melon said...

giler colourful korang pnye work place!

.the.bapakss!!. said...

hhahaha.. mesti la :P baru best :D