Friday, 10 December 2010

trip to Perak on Wednesday (8/12/2010)

A conversation me with my cousin

me: yo yo yo yo
10:54 AM angah: gapo gapp?
 me: mano?

6 minutes
11:01 AM angah: yup2 rumahh
  nk banje muvi ke?
 me: blanja? tggu duit wedding neh je baru la boleh berbelanja
  bila blk utp?
  ke da kt utp?
11:02 AM angah: blm
  esok nk g utp
  nk ikot ke??
 me: rs mcm nk
 angah: hahahaa
 me: alang2 leh buat task dr lec soh amik gamba
 angah: guuuddd!!
11:03 AM ley tontong
 me: ehehe
  angh balik sehari ke gi bermlm?
11:04 AM angah: mcm sehari jela kot
  ke iwan nk stay?
 me: eh iwan x kesah
  sehari pun boleh
  janji jalaann
11:05 AM duiitt pun melayaaang
11:08 AM angah: ahahaa
  angah plan nk g sehari je
  pastu blik trus
  mls la nk dk lama2 situuu
  bnci ngn sv tu
 me: hahaha
11:12 AM me: so esok nk gerk kol bp?
 angah: pagi ar lepas subuh
 me: owh ok
11:13 AM angah: iwan nk buat kerja iwan tu byk ke?
 me: oh xde la
  amik random pic je
11:17 AM angah: ouh okayy
  ble amek gmbr angah skali
 me: no hal laa
 angah: nk ajk yg mana ad
 me: awek2 utp skali
 angah: takde lg gmbr2 kat utp
 me: boleh usha2

This conversation was a day before our trip to Perak. I saw her wall on facebook mention about going back to her campus because of some problems need to be settled down. So, 5.00Am i already woke up (sleep only for 2 hours hahah!) then move to my aunt's house to pick up my cousin. Around 7.00am we start our trip to Perak. 

arrive at UTP around 10.30am and I'm just waiting for my cousin to settle her things. It was like about 1 hour. After all those things settled, we move to the nearest restaurant for our lunch. 

daniel fitri. Guess how old is he? 

After some lunch, we plan to go to our cousin's place near simpang pulai but we didn't called her because I want to surprise her for our visit. But then, before heading to Simpang Pulai, we just pay a visit to Kellies Castle. I was thinking to enter this castle but then it was too hot and we just take photo outside the castle.

After a few photo shoot, we move to our cousin's place, kak dian. Fortunately, she was there at home! 

Hana! My little niece :)

she has her own toy's camp


Actually, i was fall asleep when this picture was taken since I'm too tired with only 2 hours of sleep and 4 hours of driving. Thank god I have my relative here in Perak. :D Then, around 6PM we move back home to Putrajaya. 

On the way back, we found something weird on the road, hahah!

Why this driver put this notice at his car in the first place? 

a girl try to get her shirt or dress (i think) from the dog haha! 

Arrive safely at Putrajaya around 10.30PM. We stop by at Tapah RnR for Magrhib and Isya' prayer and some dinner. This was a random trip to me haha! Thanks to my cousin inviting me to follow her to UTP :) 

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