Friday, 8 August 2008

Karikatur @Bazaar Pesta Konvo

Hi There! I just want to promote to you all especially to all MMU Student that we have "KARIKATUR DALAM MASA 5 MINIT" at Bazaar. So, do go to this booth which you will have Abe and Miki and also one of their friend which I didn't remember to draw your face just like in the picture above. One drawing is RM20 but you can negotiate if you think the price is too expensive. COME ON, JOIN US @PESTAKONVO 2008!!! from 7th - 17th August 2008

the artist


Anonymous said...

who is the artist, is that you

.me. said...

the artist is ABE and MIKI. People from outside. I'll re-post again to put his picture

Anonymous said...

apa cerita tak dtg tgk paintball

.me. said...

ala.. sori lah..

mein melon said...

karikatur tu t'lalu kurus.. xde rupe bapak pon.. ngahah!