Thursday, 19 February 2009

.oh my god!.

Oh my god! As i on my YM, suddenly I got a message from my cousin said that his sister got an accident yesterday. Adoyai! It happen when she want to go back home after work. Rasa ok jap because of she was ok. Tak terok. I'm hoping her both daugther, Nurin and Ain still ok. Kesian plak pada si kecik 2 orang tuh... hukhuk....

To kakak, ni dugaan Allah.. maybe ade hikmah disebalik kejadian ni. Apa2 pun, be strong! You have ur lovely daugther. =)

Feel wanna go back to JB now!
heard from my another cousin at penan said that nurin and ain really moody now..

ikhwan =)

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