Sunday, 12 April 2009

.Happy Aniversary.

Happy Anniversary
Dad and Mom
yang ke-22

slamat enjoy2 d Jakarta


Jack-O said...

wow bestnye! n u didnt sound jealous plak 2. yelah, dont get d chance to follow them. hihi

(being ur silent reader for all this while)

.the.bapakss!!. said...

haha.. xtau nak kata jeles ke x.. but masa dpt tau, jeles la but then, because only both of them, i dnt mind. :P

(waa, thanks read my blog :) )

.the.bapakss!!. said...

and by the way, who are u actually?

Jack-O said...

i actually know u from group88.

u know what, u la yg sometimes i mntk tlg update bola thru ym 2. hihi
bunch of tenqs buddy! =))

.the.bapakss!!. said...

u rupnye..

thanks coz be my reader :)

Jack-O said...

no big deal. sronok jgk tgk life students from diff univrsti ni. hihi.

as remarked by other people, students keluaran mmu mostly mmg creative n all out. menarik2. keep it up yea! =)

.the.bapakss!!. said...

tol2... lain uni, lain lifestyle dia..

hohoh... thanx2! :)