Friday, 20 November 2009


last nite was like a difficult day to me
im not in good mood to talk with someone
but after a few hours of sleep
i could manage all the stress back to the normal

but hoping to see my mom today
i need her hug.. yes i need it!
and today is the day!

and today is the day where I'll be a "pengapit" for the very first time ever
in my life
later in few moment, i'll off to Wangsa Maju
gonna go with my uncle n his family from there to Port Dickson
this is the time i want to forget everything (assignments, problems etc)
i want to enjoy every second of my life with my parent
and also bully my twin... kekeke (jaga korng dua, abang datang!)

me with the twin

okeh, gtg..

ikhwan =)

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