Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Hi guys! It's been a while since my last update of this blog. A bit busy with works and don't have time and idea what to update. My internship program will end insya Allah 3rd September and alhamdulillah, till now I'm happy to work here. A lot of things that I've learned not even the works, but the teamworks among us have build some good relationships. Love to work here after my graduation, insya Allah.

Currently my life a bit messed up and me myself need to re-arrange back. Need someone kot! haha~ Not into that kind of relationship yet. Lazy to think on that. Just want to pursue my dream to get my life more better than now.

Can't wait for Hari Raya! This year will be my mom's hometown to celebrate our hari raya. Can't wait to go back to Kelantan and this is our first time to go back by our own car! Yippi! No need to worry on renting price. Only fuel and tolls.

Ok, don't want to talk much since I just wanna update some things inside here. Will upload some pictures of my internship program later on when I got time to edit it.

Thanks so much to all who still support me. Appreciate it =)

ikhwan =)

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