Sunday, 9 August 2009


aargh! tension why i still can't manage my money..
im not like when I was in school and alpha
which the money that my dad gave to me was enough and i know how to manage it
i was thinking that my life now different than my past..
please please please, my parent's economy was not that good
and i know im the one who cause this problem
ah damn, this week need use money again for printing..

and one thing i hate to answer it when some people ask me
"wan, bila ko nak bawak kete sni?"
what can i answer is, i will have a car when im going to do my internship next year
if i do have
(yeah, i need it, my working hours is not flexible maybe.. heard much stories from my seniors which we will go back home late night or early morning)

cause my dad have some economy issue..
which i need to understand
i have sister which need money
i have brother now study at PTPL
i have the twins which now in Form 1
so people, please don't ask that question or you will get slap from me
i will

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