Monday, 6 December 2010

It's her convo!

yes! It's Eila's convocation day yesterday at UiTM  Shah Alam! 

Personally I would like to say congratulation to you for your very BIG DAY! With 4 years of challenging, problems and stories that you share with me, now you finally made it! Proud of you girl! And yeah, I bought her a flower. Hehehe, here is the flower that I gave to eila. 

ade patung mr Bean kat situ. And among of the flowers, I like this one and bought this. 

Arrive at UiTM around 4pm, found her family so I just wait for her together with her family. Then, when she finally went out from the hall, photo shoot time! Here is some pictures that I would like to share. 

Then we having dinner together at Seksyen 7 (forgot the name of the restaurant). Thanks to Amirul and Ardy for belanja us all dinner :D Ok, last pose from eila....

bak kate ummi : patah je nnti heels tuh hahaha!



mein melon said...

hehe.. dea senyum je kat sume gambar.. congrats, Eila!

Noorfaeza Zainal said...

Hik hik hik... Nice Pic!!

Noorfaeza Zainal said...

lupa nak kasi tau...winnie the pooh tu dah jadi faveret delisya bila nak tdo (kak b gantung kat buaian)..ahahahaha..